We are able to support you with all spare parts for the Eltek fire detection systems. In case you are not entirely sure what kind of system you are using or which part you have to exchange, please contact the TTT sales department for help. +31 (0)24 358 4455 or

Eltek Delta control panel

Delta OP Wall Mounted w/eBus

Orbis base eltek

Orbis base

test gas for smoke detectors eltek

Test gas smoke detector

fire detector eltek 251604.05

Orbis Heat Detector BS

alarm panel eltek fire

Delta OP mini flush mounted

fire detector eltek

Orbis Optical Smoke Detector

Eltek Delta Da battery

12V/7,2Ah Delta Da battery

eltek fire decection 251604.04

Orbis Heat Detector BR

eltek fire delta control panel

Delta OP Flush Mounted w/eBus

Orbis base fire detector

Orbis base, watertight

Manual call point eltek fire

Manual call point IP43

eltek fire detection 251604.02

Orbis Heat Detector A1R

Delta Conventional DA

Delta Conventional DA w/eBus

Orbis Heat Detector CS fire

Orbis Heat Detector CS

Manual call point IP67 apollo

Manual call point IP67

Is the spare part you are looking for not in the list above? Please contact us