Addressable fire detection and alarm systems are recognised by individually addressed detectors, where in conventional systems, it is only possible to distinguish between complete loops of detectors. Due to that, addressable systems offer a much higher level of safety, as the location of any starting fire can be determined more precisely and many precautionary actions can be automatically started up at  the designated location.


Contrary to conventional systems, addressable systems always operate on a specific communication protocol, send out from the operation panel. Due to this, addressable fire detection and alarm systems can only function properly when using original components that are able to act and respond to the specific system protocol used.


Below, you can select your required spare parts for addressable fire detection systems from Eltek.

alarm panel eltek fire

Delta OP mini flush mounted

Eltek Delta control panel

Delta OP Wall Mounted w/eBus

Eltek Fire Delta Addressable control

Delta Addressable DA Quad

IQ8 fixed heat detector eltek fire

IQ8 fixed heat detector

IQ8 fixed heat detector eltek fire

IQ8 rate-of-rise heat detector

IQ8 sealed base eltek

IQ8 base sealed

IQ8 base eltek

IQ8 Base

IQ8 fixed heat detector eltek fire

IQ8 Multisensor, type O2T

IQ8 multisensor detector with sounder eltek fire

IQ8 QUAD multisensor with

integrated sounder, type O2T/So
IQ8 fixed heat detector eltek fire

IQ8 Optical smoke detector

paralel lamp esser

Paralel lamp

eltek fire surface mounting base

Surface mounting base

mounting base for manual callpoint eltek fire

Surface mounting base for

manual call point
704966 test key

Test key for IQ8

804971.MAR manual callpoint eltek fire

804971.MAR maual callpoint with isolator

eltek Handheld detector programmer

Handheld programmable detector

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